• #W52 Black Ice Fridge/Freezer 52 Quart


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    Black Ice Fridge/Freezer 52 Quart

    The all new CSI® Black Ice Fridge/Freezer runs off of your vehicle’s 12V accessory outlet for cooling or freezing on the go. Digital LED controls let you dial in the temperature you want, whether you’re looking to keep your supplies fresh for your overland trip or the popsicles for kiddo’s soccer team frozen and refreshing. Low power consumption and built in battery protection ensures your vehicle’s battery will always have the reserves needed to get you on the road again. 55mm polyurethane insulation provides extra protection to help maintain the desired temperature to keep your supplies cold. An AC adapter is included to pre-cool before your big trip or just have the convenience of cold beverages in your shop. Find what you’re looking for even in the dark with a built in interior LED light.

    • 12V DC or 120V AC operation
    • Operating range -4°F to 50°F
    • Compressor powered cooling
    • 12V Adjustable battery protection
    • Built in automatic interior LED light
    • Electronic LED controls
    • Basket for easy loading and unloading included
    • Latching closure
    • Holds 84 12oz cans
    • Solid bolted on handles for carrying or securing
    • Dimensions: 27.2" D x 20.6" H x 13.6" W

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