You smell that? That is the smell of your leather making a comeback.

There comes a day in every car owner’s life when they look at their leather seats and dream about the good old days... smooth surfaces, that new leather smell; seats that were once filled with such conditioned, supple life. Voodoo Blend™ Leather Rejuvenator starts where conditioners end. It will not only clean and condition your leather interior, it will bring it back from the dead, and keep it there too. The finest beeswax combined with oil-replenishing lanolin rejuvenates your dry, cracked seats - even adding long-lasting waterproofing protection. “Can I use it on my vinyl?” you ask. Yeah, Voodoo Blend has your back... just like those newly rejuvenated seats you’ve missed so much.

(1) Rejuvenates leather, vinyl & plastic interiors
(2) Conditions and protects dry, cracked seats
(3) Natural, oil-replenishing formula
(4) Real leather smell


Voodoo Blend™ Leather Rejuvenator contains high concentrations of natural lanolin that deeply penetrates your leather, restoring it to it’s original, supple condition. As nature’s best waterproofing agent; 100% pure natural beeswax provides long-lasting protection against the everyday wear of your car’s interior. Voodoo Blend also extends the life of your leather, saving you thousands in repair or replacement costs. This is not your mother’s interior cleaner, so don’t waste your time on those other brands that use synthetic chemical blends that can’t replenish your leather’s natural oils. What they don’t tell you is these synthetic ingredients can actually shorten the life of your leather and vinyl interiors. Cleaning leather car seats has never been easier with Surf City Garage - quality detailing products Made By Enthusiasts, For Enthusiasts®.