• SFI 16.2 Youth 5-pt Jr. Dragster / Quarter Midget Belt Set


    A Note about SFI 16.1 vs SFI 16.2 certifications:
    Before 2014, youth racing harness sets had the same SFI rating (16.1) as adult racing harness sets. During 2014, a new certification spec was created (16.2) specifically for youth racing harness sets used for Jr. Dragster and Quarter Midget competition. The new SFI 16.2 specification tags are now placed on all RaceQuip youth harness sets. It is important to note that if you have a youth harness set with an SFI 16.1 tag, it is fine to use until expired.
    Please take note that when rules for youth racing are written, they should allow either SFI 16.1 OR SFI 16.2 certification as the 16.1 spec is a higher rating.

    Exceeds SFI 16.2 Rating (SFI Tags Affixed)
      NOT D.O.T. / FMVSS Certified for On Highway Use
    Premium 2" Polyester Webbing
    Designed for Youth Body Mass and Speeds - Not For Adult Use!!!
    Pull Up Style Lap Belt
    5 Point Design - Single 2" Crotch Strap
    2" Drop Forged Steel Hardware Ends Installed (No Bolts)
    Double Adjustable for Ease of Installation
    Wrap Around or Bolt-on Mounting
    • Shoulders Adjust from 15" to 40"
    • Lap Belt Adjusts 22" to 60"

    Available in Black, Red, Blue, Purple, and Pink
    • Can Be Re-webbed (SFI) Upon Expiration