• High-Powered Replacement License Plate LED Bulbs:  Emits bright white light in a full 360° pattern.
    • Superior Performance: Built with high-powered LED chips providing a sunning amount of down road punch.
    • 360° LED Placement: A brighter LED bulb that creates a 360° viewing angle for better, overall light emission with reduced hot spots.
    • Vehicle Specific Selection: Easily choose which replacement LED works on your car, truck, or SUV with our year, make, model selection.
    • Solid State Design: No moving parts means a stronger, longer-lasting design and more reliable product. Built to last over 50,000 hours!
    • Unrivaled Plug & Play Design: Allows for a quick, hassle-free install & OEM fit with dual polarity. No Radio Interference
    • No Warning Lights: Error-free performance, compatible with Putco’s Plug&Play resistor kits to ensure zero CANBUS interference. 
    • Heat Efficient: A copper core allows for high-efficiency heat control and powerful light output.
    • Sold In Pairs!! Kit includes TWO  high-powered LumaCore LED license plate Lights bulbs.
    • Designed by: Putco, Des Moines, IA

    Bright up the night and let everyone see your vehicle from all around with the high-powered Putco LumaCore  LED license plate bulb. A perfect replacement bulb that can be added to brake lights, reverse lights, turn signals, and more for a complete custom look! So stop running those worn-out, dim OEM bulbs and go with the most LumaCore LED bulbs. With a 6000k color temperature, each state-of-the-art LED bulb features multiple LEDs mounted in a 360° arrangement providing a spectacular amount of light output in all directions. This creates a better viewing angle and overall light emission with reduced hot spots. To deter the biggest enemy of light bulbs (heat) these LEDs are built with a copper core that allows for high-efficiency heat control as well as a more powerful light output.

    These LEDs are perfect replacement bulbs for any SUV, car or truck. Not only do these lights make your vehicle more visible to other drivers, but they also help increase your driving safety. With a cleaner, brighter light your vehicle can change from an OEM look to a sleek Aftermarket look in minutes. The LumaCore bulbs were designed to be a more economical replacement bulb by using much less power than a standard incandescent bulb, burning cooler and running up to 50,000 hours!

    Beef up your vehicle’s lighting today and shine brighter at night with the LumaCore Replacement LED Bulbs!

    Designed by Putco of Des Moines, IA.

    Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!