• Detachable Battery Pack for Black Ice 100 QT Refrigerator/Freezer


    • Hours Of Protection For Your Black Ice Dual Zone Refrigerator
    • Built In Power Level Indicators.
    • Charges While Your Fridge Is Plugged In Or Charge Stand Alone.
    • Locks Into Fridge Battery Compartment For Easy Transportation/Use
    • Warrantied Free from Defects in Material/Workmanship for 1 Year

    CSI Detachable External Battery Pack for the Black Ice 100 Quart Dual Zone Refrigerator/Freezer is the perfect addition for peace of mind. The external battery pack lets you bring your chilled or iced goods to the beach without the need of a constant power supply or the worry of melting or spoiling. In addition, it will serve as a backup in the event of low voltage of your vehicles battery to ensure things stay cool.