• Barry Grant Speed Demon 650 Carburetor


    Demon Carburetion's Speed Demon carburetors bring the high-velocity airflow and accurate fuel metering of hardcore race carbs to the street. They feature a new casting method to produce the most accurate, concentric venturis possible.  These airflow-friendly venturis and specially sculpted air entries work with the billet aluminum metering blocks and large float bowls(with sight plugs) to provide better air and fuel flow than comparable units. These Speed Demon carburetors are designed for engines with camshaft profiles of up to 240 degrees at a .050 in. duration.

    Carburetor, Speed Demon, 650 cfm, Down-Leg, No Choke, Square Bore, Mechanical Secondery, Dual Inlet, Each

    It also has an electric choke installed Part Number 421440

    Works great but just wrong for my combination.

    Thanks for looking and have a great day!