• 12" Light Bar New Reflective LED Technology CSI W5095


    • Universal

    CSI's new reflective LED technology innovative design offers improved lighting and beam control for the ultimate driving light. The result is greater visibility for drivers when you need it. CSI lighting has achieved these performance advantages by using a multi-surface reflector to concentrate and focus the beam pattern of the reflective facing LED bulbs more precisely than forward-facing LED lamps. ADVANTAGES: More light per-watt than forward-facing LED lights, focused beam pattern and optimizes light to conserve amp draw.

    • 18 x 3W CREE LED
    • Bulbs face the back of the light, using the reflector to disperse the light, increasing output
    • Include Wire Leads with Weatherproof connectors
    • 13.89"W x 3.58"H x 4.09"D
    • Includes a Pair of Bottom-Mount Brackets and a Pair of End-Mount Brackets
    • Warranted Free From Defects In Material/Workmanship For 1 Year